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HED Environmental Systems, Inc. has been formed to manufacture and market A FAMILY OF RELATED, HIGHLY MOBILE NATURAL RESOURCE FLUID RECOVERY, RECYCLE, CONCENTRATION, AND DISPOSAL SYSTEMS covered under U.S. Patents issued and/or pending.

HED Systems are designed, engineered, manufactured, and NOW IN COMMERCIAL FIELD APPLICATIONS.

HED Systems do not use membranes, bright lights, toxic biocides, or sonic bites. They are technically advanced applications of chemical engineering process principles applied to natural fluid characteristics defined by Watt, Fulton, and Pasteur.

UTILIZING HED TECHNOLOGY FRAC COMPANIES CAN SAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER FRAC JOB ON THEIR OPERATING BUDGETS. The HED Watering Hole provides the opportunity to recycle the produced and flowback water on a frac job, eliminates the need to chemically treat raw waters with massive quantities of expensive toxic biocides, and saves producers from disposal costs currently encountered on a frac job.

As the pressure pumping service providers continue to increase their tolerance for frac water’s total dissolved solids content, HED Systems will play an increasing role in helping the industry close the gap between current water recycling ratios and 100%.

At HED we believe that “The Only Constant in Life is Change” and there may be no better example than the petroleum industry. With that in mind we pride ourselves on building equipment that is adaptable to the ever changing industry standards and practices. Our team of skilled and experience engineers have the ability to customize our systems to fit the specific needs of a customer’s job.