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Air Cooled Concentrator

The Air Cooled Oilfield Completion Fluid Concentrator has been designed, engineered, fabricated and in operation for greater than two years.   The commercial scale system built by HED has been proven capable to precisely control water of dilution removal, continuously providing a desired concentrated fluid density within 0.1 lbs. per gal.

Water removal rates, at a designed rate of 3500 lbs. per hour, are achieved. Returned reconstituted fluids, concentrated at vacuums from 25” to 28” Hg enables the concentrated fluids to be returned to the customer’s storage at temperatures well below the maximum of 150 F, eliminating any potential damage to their vessels.

These diluted, often expensive, completion and drilling fluids can safely be reconstituted and returned to their weighted specifications without the addition of costly salts and without adding undesirable weighting salts such as Calcium Chloride, etc.

The air cooled concentrator is best utilized in oilfield operations with available use for the distilled water recovered during the concentration process.   

By utilizing either of HED’s High Vacuum Low Temperature Completion Fluid Concentrators the disposal of overly diluted clear brine fluid and drilling fluid should never be an economical alternative.