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HED Watering Hole

There are Three Basic Steps necessary to be economically, technically, and environmentally successful in disposal, recovery, and recycling of oilfield waste waters.

Step One: Upon arrival at the HED Watering Hole location, step one is to preheat, separate, and recover suspended grease and oils (crude).

Step Two : The second step is to introduce micro-air bubbles utilizing a unique turbine aeration system and cultured micro-organisms to digest all suspended and dissolved organics.

To read more about turbine aeration technology Click here >>

Step Three : The third step is final clarification and bacterial decontamination of the pretreated water for recycling.


* Optional fourth step for conditions where higher TDS contents cannot be tolerated. The HED Triple Effect Evaporation and Distilled Water Recovery System can create cut-back water to reduce the recycled water TDS level.