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The Pure Frac / H20 Decontaminator functions as a chemical-free purification system for highly contaminated raw water intended to be used as frac water. The system instantaneously kills bacterial contamination. It virtually eliminates the need for massive quantities of expensive and toxic biocides.

In actual field testing, demonstrated bacterial Kills of 99+% even in contaminated waters with live bacteria cell counts as high as 7,650,000 Mg/mL, without using chemical treatment agents.

Designed to heat frac fluids a net of 7 to 15 degrees F, depending on feed water temperatures, at processing rates of up to 36 Bbl’s per minute on the fly.

Energy Cost Efficiency
The countercurrent, cold and heated fluid flows allow the system to heat fluids at high temperatures for bacterial elimination and then transfer the heat to the incoming cold fluid. The Pure Frac/H20 Decontaminator functions economically and is cross-exchanged for energy efficiency. Total energy cost for natural gas and grid power rate is estimated at approximately $0.05/bbl. Using generator power and propane, costs to operate are approximately $0.15 per bbl.

U.S. Patent-Pending Technology
The HED Pure Frac/H20 Decontaminator patent-pending technology combines the teaching of Watt, Fulton, Pasteur, and Chu, resulting in a unique mobile system capable of economically dealing with a large segment of the most serious environmental problems associated with the global petroleum industry.

The process utilizes a closed loop, direct fired hot water boiler system, isolating worked fluids from the high temperature boiler tubes that are exposed to the direct flames. Waters to be processed are heated by closed loop titanium plate and frame heat exchanger. Attention is given to keeping fluid temperatures below the scale forming temperatures of most contaminated waters to be processed.